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Peter Sadowski is a great friend of the Holocaust Remembrance Project. We thank him for sharing his father’s story, and for making each student feel like a true scholar of the Holocaust.


Our last meeting. Our last sharing. But only the beginning of our journey with the torch


We formed our final circle on Friday morning for the 17th time. Each participant shared thoughts that filled his and her heart. Few dry eyes.

However, this circle was different from any other. This circle included Peter Sadowski, a great friend of Holland & Knight and the Holocaust Remembrance Project. Peter first shared the story of his father’s survival as a result of his musical talent. Then Peter revealed that he had read the students’ essays four times each, and cited to each student the profundity of his or her words that allow for a reader to read their essay over and over again, and always find fulfillment. This gift was perhaps one of the greatest of the week, and we are so very grateful for this form of inspiration. Peter made it known that each student who participated in the week was a top winner.

The cards and letters that have come to Holland & Knight reflect the impact that the week had. One teacher wrote to confirm that she will do what Aranka Siegel asked her to do – carry the torch in her classroom. Another wrote that no one can understand how powerful the week was unless they have been part of it. Perhaps that is true, but we hope that this text and pictures convey some of the fulfillment of participating in the Holocaust Remembrance Project – for we are that living memorial.