2010 Photos & Details


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Before we entered the Museum of Tolerance, we stopped for a picture to remember the moment.


Dr. Jack Brauns reminded us that, "Life is very interesting."


Anyone for a fish taco?


Albert Rosa unforgettable.


Dr. Michael Berenbaum delivered an outstanding lecture for our teachers. We were so thankful for his time.


The owner of Milky Way Restaurant, Leah Adler posed for a picture with all of us!


We waited for Mr. Fishburne to stop by to meet us after his one-man-show, Thurgood. He did so, and we enjoyed talking with him.


On Wednesday morning, the students and teachers headed over to the Simon Wiesenthal Center's Museum of Tolerance, just up the street from our hotel. We were greeted by the museum's Linda Blanshay, Director of Program Development. The group toured the museum's Holocaust exhibit that provides a visual and emotional experience of living through the Holocaust.

When the tour was completed, the group met Dr. Jack Brauns who survived in Dachau Concentration Camp, and though he spoke of the pain and fear, he concluded by sharing his belief that "Life is Very Interesting." Dr. Brauns was introduced by Dr. Michael Berenbaum who was instrumental in finding Dr. Brauns for our 2010 project year.

Lunchtime found us at a wonderful place called Fish Tacos. We ate outside, and enjoyed some California sun and kosher tacos!

After lunch, the students listened to the testimony of Albert Rosa, who wears the number 110362. Albert lived in Greece, and was 15 years old, he and his entire family was deported by the Nazis to Auschwitz. He escaped a death march and was rescued by American soldiers closing in on the area.

The five teachers, selected on the basis of their desire to teach the Holocaust, but lack of tools and training, spent the afternoon with Dr. Michael Berenbaum, one of the world's most foremost scholars on Holocaust history. Dr. Berenbaum's seminar was received extremely well, and teacher left with new knowledge not only on the Holocaust but on effective teaching methods that bring the lessons of the Holocaust into modern classrooms.

After the full days lessons, the students and teachers ate dinner at Milky Way, a kosher restaurant owned by Leah Adler, the mother of Steven Spielberg. The food was delicious, but what was most memorable was Ms. Adler's interest in the Holocaust Remembrance Project's participants. She spent much time with our group, and posed for pictures with everyone.

Our next stop was the Geffen Theater in Los Angeles where Laurence Fishburne was starring in the one-man-show Thurgood, based on the life of Supreme Court Justice Thurgood Marshall. It was an incredible portrayal, and our group learned much about the man's life and times. Afterwards, Mr. Fishburne came out to the lobby to meet and congratulate the students and teachers - and received accolades from our group for his outstanding performance. Also meeting the group were actors Danny DeVito, Rhea Perlman, Edward James Olmos, and Director Robert M. Young (who directed Triumph of the Spirit, a film about the an Olympic Boxer who was sent to Auschwitz."