2001 Holocaust Remembrance Project
First Place Winners
Winning students, teachers, and Holocaust survivors
visiting Washington, D.C.

"Misc. Photos"

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2001-10.jpg (32635 bytes)
On the bus -- our home
away from the hotel!
2001-30.jpg (33734 bytes)
Eating was always a
2001-4.jpg (29251 bytes)
The students pose
outside the U.S. Holocaust
Memorial Museum
2001-5.jpg (37803 bytes)
Students and survivors
at the U.S. Holocaust
Memorial Museum.
2001-6.jpg (31882 bytes)
Lots of time for fun -- like
our trip to Union Station
for dinner and movies!
2001-3.jpg (40651 bytes)
At the FDR memorial.
Visiting the monuments
was very rewarding.
2001-35.jpg (31696 bytes)
At "the Mall" -- where
are all of the stores?
2001-37.jpg (39313 bytes)
Visiting the Capitol
was something we will
remember forever!
2001-7.jpg (23248 bytes)
Teachers enjoyed a full
day of training and one-
on-one time with survivors.
2001-11.jpg (30478 bytes)
Students enjoyed an
exciting "Human Rights"
seminar presented by
Street Law!
2001-12.jpg (29318 bytes)
The Street Law seminar
was a great learning
experience and a lot of fun!
2001-13.jpg (27858 bytes)
Students were given tools
to take home with them
to help get involved in
their communitites.
2001-29.jpg (39325 bytes)
Survivor Irene Zisblatt
was one of our special
guests all week -- nothing
can compare to the
time we spent with the
2001-34.jpg (41173 bytes)
Inge Auerbacher was
another survivor who
spent the week with us!
Her doll was the only
thing she had with her
while imprisoned.
2001-36.jpg (45842 bytes)
Our week in Washington
was memorable,
educational, and
inspirational for all of us!