2010 Winning Essayists
2011 Winning Essayists
(Listed alphabetically by category)

Rachel Baer
Lowell Brazin
Stephanie Cran
Andrew Eckholm
Jacob Brodsky
Kaitlin Hairston
Jeremy Fuster
Eathan Hartman
Anna Hochberger
Jennifer Hansler
Vivian Hughbanks
Matthew Holt
Shaye Heyman
Matthew La Manna
Emily Leventhal
Rivka Jacobs
Austin Lange
Anne Li
Erika Mendoza
Emily Larson
Faith Stagge
Bianca Stoica
Kelly Meadows
Ryan Sutherland
Genevieve Tuite
Lauren Smith
Marissa Swartz
Hannah Zweig
Timothy Troutner
Tae-woong Yang

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