Video Comments

from Holocaust Remembrance Project Participants

Following are 13 short video clips taken from students, teachers, and Holocaust survivors who have participated in the First Place Winners' trip.


NOTE: You will need the Windows Media Player to view these files and they are best viewed on broadband connections (not dial-up).  Because these files are quite large, each file may take a moment to download. Click on the CLIP number or the question to view the video clip.

Clip Question Length
1 How will you serve as a "witness" to those who witnessed the Holocaust first-hand? (comments from students) 2:50
2 What are some of the "lessons" of the Holocaust?(comments from students) 1:21
3 What impact has this experience had on you? (comments from students) 2:50
4 What are some of your reflections on this experience? (comments from students) 2:39
5 Comments on the trip and the experience overall. (comments from students) 1:00
6 Why is it important to remember the Holocaust? (comments from a survivor) 1:35
7 What do you hope students to learn from your experiences? (comments from a survivor) :35
8 Why should this program be continued? (comments from survivors) 1:27
9 What are some of the lessons of the Holocaust? (comments from teachers and survivors) 2:27
10 Why should this program be continued? (comments from survivors and teachers) 3:35
11 How would you like to say 'thank you' to the Holland & Knight Charitable Foundation for this experience? (comments from survivors and teachers) 3:06
12 What were some memorable experiences from this week? (comments from a survivor) 2:35
13 What meaning does this program have to you? (comments from survivors) 1:38