Inga Zornes ('02)

Inga Zornes (‘02):  Greetings from an ’02 alum! It’s been very exciting to watch the Holocaust Remembrance Project grow these past several years, and now to catch up with other alumni.

After the HRP in summer 2002, I began my undergraduate career at Washington State University. My passion for playing the violin really took off during college. One outlet became running my own private teaching studio for violin and viola students, ages six to adult. I also served as concertmistress of the WSU Symphony Orchestra, and enjoyed playing my violin in all kinds of settings—my church’s worship band, weddings, scholarship donor dinners, and even in the middle of a campus dining center! In December 2006, I graduated summa cum laude in music. Through the Honors College program, I got a head start on my graduate work through writing my senior thesis on the Suzuki Violin Method. In fall 2007 I’ll head to Northern Arizona University for my Master’s of Music. There I’ll receive Suzuki Method training, a music pedagogy that emphasizes any child can develop musical ability. In the future, I hope to run an outreach-based teaching studio and bring music to individuals who might not otherwise have the opportunity to learn the violin.

Looking back, the Holocaust Remembrance Project made an undeniable mark on my life. It was an enormous privilege to come to Washington, D.C. and to be touched by the lives of survivors Henry Greenbaum and Irene Zisblatt. As both shared their stories, I knew that in return it would be my responsibility to pass on their stories to future generations. Studying and writing about the Holocaust forever widened my world-view, creating a solid basis for the global perspective I further developed in college. The lesson that every life has value continues to influence the way I interact with others on a daily basis. Finally, I’m also grateful for the chance to meet many outstanding individuals on the trip—two of whom have become dear friends. Thank you to Holland and Knight for continuing to invest in such a worthwhile and life-changing project.