Josh Simon ('01)

Josh Simon (‘01):  After the trip in DC, I started attending Washington University in St. Louis. After 4 years at the university, I graduated with degrees in Computer Science and Spanish Literature. After college, I traveled a little through Europe. When I returned from Europe, I started working as a computer programmer for SBC Communications (now AT&T) in St. Louis. A year later, my girlfriend and I moved to Connecticut, where I took a job with the University of Connecticut Health Center, which is where I am now. I also teach Spanish at a language school near where I live on the side. Life is pretty good.

Every so often, I’ll think back on the Holocaust Remembrance Project and I am reminded about how it impacted my life. I think it made me more aware of my surroundings and especially how different groups of people interact. Living in Hartford, Connecticut, I see how different cultures are subtly segregated. The Holocaust Remembrance Project gave me the perspective to see that, despite all of our progress, we’re still on the brink of another atrocity and that it takes groups like Holland & Knight to raise awareness, so it doesn’t happen here.