Rachel Plassmeyer ('06)

Rachel Plassmeyer (Ď06):  Since the Holocaust trip, Iíve successfully completed my first year at Notre Dame. It was awesome-- I really believe that Iím exactly where Iím meant to be. Iím playing volleyball for St. Maryís, an all-girlsí school affiliated with Notre Dame that sits right across the street. Iíve declared my majors, Psychology, Sociology, and Spanish (which I know sounds like a lot, but Iím already almost done with Spanish, and Psych and Soc. overlap a bit). I just got home from a mission trip to Reynosa, Mexico, where we built a house for a family of seven that had been living under two tarps. I really do think about the Holocaust trip a lot--Iím doing what I can to get invovled with stopping whatís going on in Darfur; I am friends with Senator Sam Brownback, who has been playing a major role in US invovlement through Congressional Bills and Acts and such. Iíve lent out many books that we received last year, and people are always eager to hear stories and look at pictures from the trip. I miss everyone!