Jennifer Kohanim ('05)

Jennifer Kohanim (Ď05):  Itís been two summers since my trip to Washington DC with Holland & Knightís Holocaust Remembrance Project, and I still find myself thinking back to that powerful week. Memories from the trip flash when I pass by my bookshelf at homeówhich holds the dozen or so Holocaust books we received, when I reunite with my fellow trip participants, when I read articles reporting on Holocaust deniers, and most especially when our dear friend and survivor David Silber passed away last year.

I remember the bright smiles on the faces of our special group of survivors, as they laughingly interacted with us, but at the same time I remember their pained yet controlled countenances as they told us their stories. The Holocaust Remembrance Project provided me with a lifelong personal and human face to the tremendous tragedy of the Holocaust. The Project also provided me with a thirst to learn more about the Holocaust, with an understanding that it was necessary to be aware, and with a sense of responsibility to remember and put all efforts towards preventing another Holocaust.

I am currently entering my junior year at New York University, where Iím pursuing a degree in Music Business. Yes, that is actually my major at college. (I included a picture of myself singing because that is how I got into the Music Business program at NYU, and because thatís a lot of what I do in school.) In addition, I am participating in a Hillel-sponsored program called ICHEIC Service Corps, where members visit Holocaust survivors in their homes once a week. The Holocaust survivor I was paired with was a true woman of strength and value, and fought hard to her very last day. This year, I plan on becoming more involved with programming for the members of the club and am working on arranging an event about Japanese diplomat Chiune Sugihara, who saved thousands of Jews by risking his life to sign various visas illegally. I am especially intrigued by this story and hope to work with the Japanese International Society at NYU for this event.

Besides that, Iíve been keeping busy with my schoolwork, my (sort of) sporadic work for the NYU Newspaper and Brownstone magazine, my internship for a management consultant, and my event programming work for the Iranian Jewish Club at NYU. Though thereís so much to keep busy with at NYU, my experience with the Holocaust Remembrance Project has pushed me to keep Holocaust Remembrance as one of my top priorities. I sincerely hope that I continue to feel this sense of responsibility throughout all my years.