Rachel Frawley ('06)

Rachel Frawley (Ď06):  Some of the first stories I told my new dorm mates last fall were of my experiences in Washington, D.C. The more I share and think about those times the more I am impressed with what an important part of my life that trip turned out to be. Since then so much has happened in college. Iím working towards a BFA in theatre and although the schedule is demanding I know I am in the right place. This year I was lucky enought to act in two plays and be on crew for two more.

Meanwhile I found the atmosphere on campus to be welcoming and tolerant and I have come to make many great friends. MSU is a good fit for me. There is a high level of political and social awareness on campus. It was heartening to see the seriousness with which everyone treated the midterm elections, and exciting to vote for the first time. During the windter our whole dorm participated in an anti-hate speech campaign, and in the spring I was able to take part in a peace rally that marched on the Capitol. It is gratifying that there are a number of activist groups in East Lansing to get involved in.

This summer I am canvassing for Environment Michigan, and currently we have a bill before Congress to enact clean and renewable energy standards in Michigan. I am so happy to be working for something I believe in, one of the many powerful lessons that was reinforced on our Washington trip. I still think about all of you so often and I hope I can live up to everything we learned together.