Melissa Critz (Green) ('96)

Melissa Critz (Green) (96):  I was the first student to win a scholarship through the Holocaust Remembrance Project. I will never forget the experience of being flown to Washington, DC, meeting the other regional winners, the staff from Holland & Knight and most of all the tour of the Holocaust Museum. I was so honored to win first place, as my essay represented so much of my time and effort - truly a labor of love.

After the trip, I went on the graduate high school in 1997 from St. Johns Country Day School in Orange Park, Florida and earned a Chancellorís Scholarship to Texas Christian University - the most prestigious academic scholarship awarded at TCU. I received my Bachelor of Science in Speech Communication and also met my future husband, Wes Critz. We were married in Dallas, Texas in the fall of 2003 and just welcomed our first child, Caroline Christine Critz, on March 22, 2007.

I currently work for the United States Chamber of Commerce, with headquarters right in the heart of Washington, DC. I think back on my trip with H&K often when I am in town on business. I have returned many times to the Holocaust Museum and always remember the lessons of strength, perseverance, and how basic human goodness can and does prevail even in the most horrific of circumstances. These are lessons that I hope to pass along to my daughter one day - and I thank Holland & Knight for continuing their amazing work to allow students an outlet to learn about the Holocaust. We must always remember.

I wish the best of luck to all of fellow alumni - past and future. This is truly something special of which we can all be proud.