Alex Cannon ('05)

Alex Cannon (‘05):  I recently completed my first year at the College of William and Mary in Williamsburg, Virginia. It is hard to believe that I will be a sophomore in the fall; never before have I had such a year go by so quickly. While at school, I involved myself in a few extracurricular activities which catered to my interests. I have the pleasure and honor of being a member of William and Mary’s fencing club, and I also spend a few hours each week with fellow classmates tutoring eighth graders at a local middle school.

Although my major is currently undeclared, I am preparing myself for a double major in both history and secondary education. I therefore have the intention to be a high school history teacher and am very excited to one day impact students how my teachers have impacted me.

I have little doubt that my experiences during that fateful week of the Holocaust Remembrance Project have influenced both where I am today and where I hope to be in the future. My passion for both history and education was significantly fueled by the gripping stories I heard from the survivors and by the sites we had the privilege of visiting during the Project. I also keep in touch with many of the friends whom I had the pleasure to meet during the week. In short, the opportunities afforded me and many other fortunate students on this trip have helped me to steer myself in a direction that prepares me for a bright and rewarding future. My sincere thanks go out to you, Holland & Knight, the survivors, and the friends I gained during this wonderful time for such a memorable experience.