“Righteous Among the Nations” is the name given to those individuals who were not Jewish, yet risked their own lives by performing extraordinary acts of rescue to save the lives of Jews during the Holocaust. Since 1963, the State of Israel has honored the heroism and nobility of nearly 24,000 Righteous, who rendered critical assistance to Jews during the Holocaust.

The Holocaust reveals a history of overwhelming horror and enduring sorrow. Yet, the acts of courage and compassion performed, in many instances by otherwise ordinary people, offer some solace about the past and hope for the future. The courageous acts performed by the Righteous transformed them from witnesses of history to its creators. Their humanitarian response to the Holocaust emanated from the highest of values, including altruism, empathy and the acceptance of people who are different. What we are taught from their actions is that what an individual does, or fails to do, matters greatly.

The Righteous Among the Nations Scholarship is established and funded by Charles (“Chad”) Welch Tiedemann, a partner at Holland & Knight who is Roman Catholic, and Chad’s wife, Paula Savren Tiedemann, also an attorney, who is Jewish. They created the Scholarship to honor those whose heroic deeds demonstrate for future generations that one can and should oppose evil, and in doing so, one enhances the dignity of humanity. Chad and Paula are grateful for the Holland & Knight Charitable Foundation’s leadership in the area of Holocaust education, and they believe that the examples set by the Righteous should serve as inspirations to young people to stand up to bigotry, intolerance and injustice, and hope that the courageous acts of the righteous will be an enduring lesson for us all.


Recipients of the Tiedemann Family
Righteous Among the Nations Scholarship:

Shaye Hayman - $5,000 (2011)

Sara Brenner - $5,000 (2010)

Jillian Schwab - $5,000 (2009)

Whitney May - $5,000 (2008)

Ashley Eberhart - $5,000 (2007)

Eugene Johnson - $5,000 (2006)

Alex Cannon - $3,000 (2005)