Janis & Philip D. Schiff Humanitarian Scholarship
In 2007, Janis and Philip Schiff established a scholarship within the Holocaust Remembrance Project that will reward a young essayist who has shown significant dedication of his or her personal time and talent to help the needy in their community, and developed an effective strategy to pass along the lessons learned during this past week with Holocaust survivors and educators.

Janis and Philip Schiff are strong believers in making a life long commitment to the community early on, and are both actively involved in a variety of meaningful humanitarian projects, including the Holland & Knight Charitable Foundation. The Schiffs believe that charity begins at home, and have seen the fruit of their labors take root in the life of their own son.

As long time supporters of the Holocaust Remembrance Project, the Schiff’s are gratified by their initiation of this newest scholarship. Janis, a partner at Holland & Knight LLP, often shares her support of the program to fellow partners and other legal professionals within the firm, “The Holocaust Remembrance project is clearly something that falls into the category of ‘doing good and doing right,’ and we must invest in this golden opportunity to inspire the future leaders in our communities.” Janis also serves on the Board of Directors of Easters Seals of the National Capital Region, the board of Directors of the Washington Board of Trade and the Board of Directors of Junior Achievement of the National Capital Region. Philip Schiff is the Division Director of Government Affairs, Administration and Business development for the American Association of Blood Banks, and he is also the President of the Board of Trustees of the National Center for Children and Families.

As all of the Holocaust Remembrance Project essayists prepare to leave Scholar Week more aware of history and current world conditions, the Schiff’s are heartened by the reality that each is better prepared to react with both their words and deeds.


Recipients of the
Janis & Philip D. Schiff Humanitarian Scholarship:

Jeremy Fuster - $3,000 (2011)

Donald Field Brown - $3,000 (2010)

Steven Heiss - $3,000 (2009)

Sarah "Kitty" Tryon - $3,000 (2008)

Katerina Belkin - $3,000 (2007)